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Skyrunner Jumping Stilts Canada

4 weight classes:

> 30-50kg (66-110 lbs)  $119

> 50-70kg (110-155 lbs)  $219

> 70-90kg (155 -200 lbs)  $219

> 90-110kg (200-242 lbs)  $219

*Step 3 meters at a time...
*Run up to 30 km per hour...
2 meters high...

Since 2008 Canada's most affordable jumping stilts!

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SKYRUNNERS Jumping Stilts

If you like extreme sports... you'll LOVE Skyrunners. Jumping stilts have been called...

    ...bouncing stilts      powerskippers
powerstilts       velocity stilts       powerisers
     powerizers        powerstriders      flyjumpers
           and in French, echasses...

Whatever you call them, jumping stilts are a blast!

Check out the videos on our site and see how much FUN jumping stilts can be. Get into fantastic physical condition as you practice and play.

It won't take long to get the hang of jumping stilts and you'll be having a blast and be the envy of your friends as you run, jump and fly on Skyrunners jumping stilts.

Safety is essential
when using Skyrunners. Always wear all your safety equipment - helmet, elbow pads, etc. Check out our Learning Links page to learn about Skyrunners safety and how to get the most from your Skyrunners jumping stilts!

Since 2008   |   Skyrunners Canada   |   Kelowna, BC